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MEDICA Imaging Services

MEDICA Imaging Services

Our Radiology Department offers high resolution X-rays, ultrasound, CT – a second installation of its kind in the world, 1.5 tesla MRI, mammography and bone densitometer. The images taken can be accessed by any consultant in the hospital in his/ her computer through our PACs (picture archiving and communication system).

CT Scans (Computerized Tomography Scans) – Philips 128 Slice

  • CT any Parts (Plain & Contrast Study)
  • CT Abdomen with Virtual Colonoscopy
  • HRCT Chest with Virtual Bronchoscope
  • CT Angiography any part (Except Cardiac)
  • CT Cisternography
  • CT Brain Lab Protocol
  • CT Triphagic Study
  • CT Protography
  • CT 3D
  • HRCT
  • CT Guided FNAC
  • CT Guided Pigtail Drainage
  • CT Guided Aspiration

MRI Scans (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans) – Philips 1.5 Tesla

  • MRI any parts (Plain & Contrast study)
  • MRI Angiography any part (Except Cardiac)
  • MRI CSF Flow Study
  • MRI Spectroscopy
  • MRI Venography
  • MRCP
  • MRI Whole Body Screening
  • MRI Brain Lab Protocol
  • MRI Stroke Protocol
  • MRI Brachial Plexus
  • MRI Perfusion

USG Scans (Ultrasound Sonography Scans) – Philips HD

  • USG any parts
  • USG First/Second trimester Screening
  • USG Combined Test
  • USG NT Scan
  • Sonomammography
  • USG Guided FNAC
  • USG Guided Aspiration
  • USG Guided Biopsy
  • USG Guided Pigtail Drainage
  • USG TRUS Prostate
  • TRUS Guided Biopsy
  • Doppler 3D/4D
  • Doppler arterial/venous
  • Doppler Carotid
  • Doppler Penile
  • Doppler Renal Flow Study
  • Power Doppler of joints

X-Ray & Mammography

Mammography and all Kind of plain X Rays (except dental) and Special X-Rays like

  • X Ray Barium Meal
  • X Ray Barium Meal Follow-through
  • X Ray Barium Swallow
  • X Ray Barium Enema
  • X Ray Gastrograffin Enema
  • X Ray Gastrograffin Follow through
  • X Ray Cholecystography
  • X Ray Distal Cologram
  • X Ray Fistulogram
  • X Ray T – Tube Cholangiogram
  • X Ray IVP/IVU
  • X Ray HSG
  • X Ray Myellogram
  • X Ray Sialogram
  • X Ray sinogram
  • X Ray RGU
  • X Ray Urogram and also
  • Portable X Rays