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Joint Replacement

Leaders in Bone & Joint Treatment

8000+ knee surgeries with zero primary infection

Medica Institute of Orthopaedic Sciences is an advanced ‘Centre for Joint Replacement Surgeries’, with a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons, post-operative care team and rehab specialists to ensure best outcomes and faster recovery.

Chest Pain

Best Ortho Trauma Management by Dedicated Team

celebrity endorsed

Long legacy of celebrity endorsed service in hip, knee, shoulder and spine surgeries

minimally invasive surgeries

Biological and minimally invasive surgeries with a decade-long experience in Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell implantation

best surgical care

Vast and best surgical care in paediatric and hand microsurgeries

Recognized Superspecialty

Eastern India’s Only Recognized Superspecialty Joint Replacement Training Fellowship by National Board

Knee Pain & Treatment

Chronic knee pain could be a result of various factors, including age or injury-related damage, arthritis, or damage resulting from lifestyle factors like obesity, smoking etc. When medications and lifestyle modifications do not help in relieving pain and everyday movement and activity becomes difficult, knee replacement surgery helps in getting you back to your feet. Advanced surgical methods have made the intervention totally safe and without complications

Medica Joint Replacement Centre: Experienced surgeons, advanced technology

Medica Joint Replacement Centre is among the top in the city, with a team of dedicated specialists and surgeons, trauma team and rehab specialists, working with the latest and most advanced technology to provide the most effective treatment for injured, diseased or damaged joints, including knee, hip, and small joints.

Most comprehensive Centre for Ortho Trauma Management

Medica’s especially trained Trauma Team is prepared 24×7 to deal with road traffic and home accidents. Our skilled team of specialists and surgeons are equipped to handle complex fractures/trauma and are available on call round-the-clock.

Paediatric Orthopaedics

Medica’s ortho team provides comprehensive treatment facilities for musculoskeletal (bone, joint and muscles) problems in children. This includes deformities in bones & joints and injuries (simple & complex fractures).

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