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A walk with joint replacement patients

21 Nov, 2010
Dedicating the month of November to arthritic patients, Medica Institute of Orthopaedic Sciences organised a series of activities aimed at making life a little easier for patients with joint pain. Free registration and consultation was offered to patients registering for a special scheme during the third week of November. The offer benefitted about 200 hundred patients who had registered for the scheme. A special package was also offered to patients requiring joint replacement surgery.

Medica Arthritis Walk

As a gesture of our solidarity with our patients who had undergone hip and knee replacement surgeries at Medica, a walk was organised with them at the hospital on 21st November. About 20 joint replacement patients were joined by some veteran sports personalities, friends, members of the Press and hospital staff in the afternoon on a walk from the EM Bypass to the hospital. Leading the walk and encouraging his patients was Dr. Vikash Kapoor, Director, MIOS.

The veteran sportsmen who had joined the walk included ex-footballers Sukumar Samajpati and Chandan Banerjee of East Bengal, Mrityunjoy Banerjee of Mohan Bagan, Ashok Chatterjee who had played for both the clubs at different times and Sugata Tarafdar of Aryan Club.

The walk was followed by an informal get together at the conference hall. The patients spoke about their pre-surgery apprehensions and post-surgery relief and the vast improvement in their quality of life. They could interact with each other, their doctor and share their thoughts.

Orthopaedic Workshop

Kolkata Knee Course, 2010, was organised by the Medica Institute of Orthopaedic Sciences on the 27th and 28th of November at the hospital. The course, coordinated by Dr. Kapoor, was attended by eminent orthopaedicians from the city and outside and included lectures by stalwarts in this stream of medicine. Renowned doctors, Dr. Nishith Shah, Dr. John Mukhopadhyay and Dr. Ashok Rajgopal chaired the various sessions. Live surgery telecast was part of the course.

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