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Children’s Day – ‘Healthy Baby’ contest at Medica

14 Nov, 2011
On 14th November, 2011 Medica had organised a host of activities celebrating Children’s Day. Apart from announcing a Child Health check-up package offered at a hugely discounted rate (free-of-cost for the first 100 registrants), free consultations were given to children in various areas including juvenile diabetes, physical deformity, heart problems, obesity check and Paediatrician’s consultation.

Medica had also organised a ‘Healthy Baby Contest’ for our little friends and a ‘How good a mom are you?’ contest for the young mothers. The response was overwhelming with around 20 tiny participants keeping the organisers on their feet with their antics. Our in-house panel of judges including HOD, Paediatrics, Dr. Ashok Mittal, Sr Gynaecologist Dr. Chandrima Dasgupta and Sister-in-charge Sister Anita Stone had a tough time deciding on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots as, they said, “Every one of them is a winner.” The well-informed moms also passed the small test organised for them with flying colours. The most touching moment of the show was when two young moms shared the trauma they went through when their children were born with critical problems and had to be admitted in the neonatal ICU. They expressed their heartfelt thanks to Dr. Mittal and his team of nurses and assistant for not only making it possible for their little ones to be normal again, but also for the love and support received in their hour of need.

The day was indeed one that will go into the Medica album as a very special day.

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