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Medica launches KARMA

05 Mar, 2012
Kolkata has long suffered a lack of properly established and coordinated trauma and ambulance services that can come to the prompt assistance of road traffic accident victims. Kolkata Police has been working to bridge this gap with 18 ambulances placed at strategic locations in the city to ferry trauma victims to the nearest hospitals. However, their initiative lacked the technical expertise that can be provided only by personnel trained in trauma care. All leading hospitals of the city were invited to support in running the services.

Medica Superspecialty Hospital stepped in to bridge this lacuna. With the strategic collaboration of Kolkata Police, Medica Superspecialty Hospital and Eastern India Healthcare Foundation, was born KARMA: Kolkata Accident Rescue & Medical Assistance, a project that aims to provide 24 hours trauma care service to the people of the city.

KARMA was officially flagged off by Commissioner of Police Mr. Ranjit Pachnanda on 5th March, 2012, from the police headquarters at Lal Bazar.

18 Ambulances and drivers have been given by Kolkata Police for providing 24 hours trauma care service to the trauma victim. This launch has put the city of Kolkata on the prestigious list of the few Indian cities where this service is currently available.

The ambulances are manned by skilled and highly-trained Paramedical Staff, backed by an ever-vigilant Command Centre and the Network of Hospitals giving expert medical care. The Ambulance services to the trauma patients are free of cost.

Central Command Centre: All calls for accident-help have to be made to the Command Centre (033-66070707) or Kolkata Police toll free no (1073). The Command Centre is staffed by Call Receivers and Ambulance Dispatchers. Ambulance movements are tracked through GPS, with simultaneous monitoring by Kolkata Police Control Room and the Command Centre. A database of all Kolkata hospitals has been established so that patients can be taken to the nearest hospital, which can, subsequently, take care of the patient.

KARMA is another feather in the cap of Kolkata Police, which is keeping alive its “We Care, For You” promise to the citizens of the city! And Medica is proud to be associated with the noble venture.

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