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Hand & Microsurgery in Kolkata

Hand & Microsurgery

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The human hand is a one-of-a-kind organ that serves as a brain messenger. Hands, in addition to their prehensile functions, express emotions and make gestures that tell a thousand words. Sensation, stability, skin cover, mobility, and strength are all necessary for good hand function. The restoration of the same in patients with injuries, congenital defects, and tumors is critical for their rehabilitation. Replanting amputated limbs and digits, as well as reconstructing composite and complicated tissue deficits, are now conceivable thanks to microsurgery.

Microsurgery is a branch of surgery that uses a microscope to operate on structures that are scarcely visible to the human eye. ‘Replantations’ are the main focus of this sub-specialty (reattaching severed parts of the limb).

With the best infrastructure and personnel, Medica’s team of skilled cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons makes our patients’ dreams into reality. Our surgeons are skilled and experienced in using the most up-to-date techniques to give our patients the finest possible results.

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The hand can be subjected to a wide range of procedures. It all relies on what’s causing the issue in the first place. These procedures include the following:

  • Tendon Repair: Tendons are the connective tissue that connects muscle to bone. Because of the nature of the tendon, tendon repair in the hand is a complex procedure. Infection, trauma, or a sudden rupture can all cause tendon damage.
  • Nerve Injury: The nerves in the hand might be damaged by an injury. This might result in a loss of hand function as well as sensation in the hand. Some nerve damage may be self-healing. Others could need surgery. Surgery is usually performed 3 to 6 weeks following the injury. This is the optimum time to restore nerves that have been connected to other, more serious ailments.
  • Birth Defects: Syndactyly (webbed fingers) and polydactyly (many fingers) are the most frequent hand disorders in neonates (extra fingers). Atraumatic procedures (no tissue injury) are employed in all hand surgeries at Medica.
  • Reconstructive Surgery (Tumors, Nerve Compression and Arthritis): Tumors, nerve compression, and arthritis can all cause abnormalities in the hands, which can be alleviated through reconstructive hand surgery. Many benign tumors of the hand and wrist are painless and disappear quickly. When discomfort lingers or interferes with essential functions, removal is indicated and almost always successful.

The first ever microsurgery was done in the year 1960

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  • Microsurgery (Finger Deformities): Microsurgery can be used to replant a single finger or a group of fingers. Even if numerous fingers have been amputated, one or more can be transplanted in a position that allows the hand to function. Rehabilitative therapy for the hand will follow the replantation procedure.
  • Skin Grafts: Skin grafts for the hand entail restoring or connecting skin to a missing area of the hand. Fingertip amputations or injuries are the most common reasons for this operation. Skin grafts are performed by attaching a healthy patch of skin from another part of the body, known as the donor site, to the wounded area.
  • Skin Flaps: Skin flaps for the hand, like skin grafts, involve the removal of skin from another region of the body. This treatment, however, employs skin with its own blood supply. Because the skin portion chosen contains the underlying blood veins, fat, and muscles, this is the case. When there is a lack of blood flow in an area where skin is gone, flaps may be employed. This could be due to the location, vascular injury, or significant tissue damage.

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The Risks

Anesthesia and bleeding are two of the most common hazards associated with surgery. Additional dangers linked with surgery vary widely depending on the procedure and may include:

  • Infection
  • Incomplete recovery
  • Hand or finger loss of sensation or movement
  • Blood clots

But you should not worry about the consequences much should you go to an experienced doctor or facility that can perform such kinds of complex hand surgeries. With years of expertise combined with precision and state-of-the-art surgical support systems, Medica’s specialists can correct almost all types of hand anomaly or dysfunction. Visit our hospital to get a consultation.

Common Questions

The following are some of the most prevalent conditions that may necessitate hand surgery:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Trigger Finger
  • Basal Joint Arthritis
  • Ganglion Cysts
  • Trauma to the hands and wrists are all conditions that can affect the hands and wrists

When executing a surgical procedure, hand microsurgery refers to the use of a microscope. A hand surgeon can repair the more delicate components of the hand and wrist, such as nerves and blood arteries, using a high-powered microscope and small equipment.

In most cases, it takes 2 to 4 months for a patient to heal sufficiently to return to work. It can take anywhere from a few months to more than a year to fully heal, but this is rarely necessary before returning to a generally regular life.

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