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Media 2016

Media Coverage on Scarless Abdominal Surgery

Medica launches Home Care Services.

Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Meet at MEDICA.

Media Coverage – Interview of Dr. Sauren Panja

Coverage of MEDICA Emergency Medical Services

Dr. Tapti Sen on ‘Daktari Salah’ (Prabhat Khabar)

Kolkata reports first valve replacement with ‘Awake Bypass’

Patient awareness article by Dr. Vikash Kapoor

Awareness article on Avascular Necrosis Symptoms by Dr. Vikash Kapoor

Weight loss surgery for kids

Times of India coverage on Ms. Preethy Alexander’s interview

Press clippings of Dr. Kunal Sarkar at Jamshedpur

Coverage on Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT)

Coverage of EDIC Part 1 Exams

CME in Pediatrics at Bhagalpur

Dr. Chandrima Dasgupta on ‘Daktari Salah’ (Prabhat Khabar)

Interview of Dr. Jayasish Chakrabarti & Dr. Tapti Sen by Ganashakti

Dr. Laxmi Narayan Tripathy on ‘Daktari Salah’ (Prabhat Khabar)

Article on Sports Psychology by Anusheela Brahmachary

Coverage of Dr. Roy featured in the 25 Living Legend of Healthcare – Medgate Today

Coverage of Medica Emergency Unit

OPD Clinic coverage of Bethany Hospital in Sikkim

Coverage of Dr. Kunal Sarkar’s news on Medica in U.K.

Medica in News

CoA stenting makes a young woman feel her right hand pulse after 25 years

Interview of Dr. Alok Roy covered by Prabhat Khabar (Jeevan Surabhi)

Press Conference at Calcutta press club on 26th Aug 2016

Survey by Medica ENT on Noise pollution – Times of India 8th November 2016

In The News – Launch of Medica Chest Pain Rapid Responder Service

Alert on Joint Pain

Appointment Call