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Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Media 2017

MEDICA: Bringing Reliable & Advanced Healthcare in Eastern India

Advancement in Interventional Heart Therapy

‘Cook & Colour’ Carnival organised on the occasion of Children’s Day at Medica Superspecialty Hospital on November 14

Medica Aims to Enrol 1-lakh Students via School Connect Programme in Kolkata by FY2018-19

Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia

Modern Treatment saves the life of the Toddler

Economics of the implanted Knee

The Karate Training for Female Employees at Medica

Trauma Team Saves a Toddler with Crush Injury of Head

Infection of Urethra

Bloodless Advance surgery

Medica is the new star of healthcare

Medica Heart Team

Kolkata doctors save 52-year- old by removing 27 centimetre gangrene gallbladder

Interview of Dr Dilip Kumar Pahari in Prabhat Khabar on Diabetes and Kidney

Interview of Dr Dilip Kumar in Prabhat Khabar on Quitting Tobacco

Pain controlled by advanced machines

Kidney Transplantation

Medica sets example

Smoking is too dangerous for the Heart

Awareness needed for the treatment of Over Active Bladder

Patients suffer due to Lack of Awareness for the treatment of Over Active Bladder

Medica Enchants with Music Therapy

Rare case by CTVS Team, Medica

Complex Neuro Surgery at Medica

In the News, Rare Tumor Surgery by Dr Suddhasattwa Sen

Also given below are links of online coverage of the same

Biggest Neck Tumor(weighing 4-5 kilo)

Biggest Neck Tumor

Online coverage of an ENT surgery performed at Medica

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