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Patient Guide

Patient Guide

Revised Visiting Hours for Coronavirus Outbreak

OPD Guidelines for patients

  • Patients will be allowed to enter lobby 15 mins prior to scheduled appointment time
  • No walk-ins are allowed. Prior appointments to be taken at 033-66520000
  • SMS for confirmation of appointment slot to be shown at entry gate
  • Only 1 attendant is allowed to accompany an outpatient
  • Patient & attendant are required to wear masks at all times
  • Children are strictly not allowed unless they are patients themselves

IPD Guidelines for patients

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak only one attendant will be allowed per patient for OPD, IPD and other services.

Visiting hours has been revised in the following manner:

10am to 12noon

1st Floor: CCU 1/2/3 & HDU 1
3rd Floor: HDU

3pm to 5pm

2nd Floor: HDU 2, NICU, PICU, PHDU, CTVS, Neuro ICU
5th Floor: ICU, HDU, General Ward

6pm to 7.30 pm

4th Floor: Ward
6th Floor: Twin sharing

For 6th Floor Suite/Deluxe/Private: only one 24 hour pass will be issued. 12 hour pass has been annulled.

Cathlab: One card will be given in the name of one attendant only where they may accompany the patient for admission to Cath and for subsequent discharge. They will not be allowed to wait near the Cath lab area.

Dialysis: Only one card will be issued where the patient will be accompanied by one attendant only during admission for dialysis and will be called by our staff at the time of discharge. They will not be allowed to wait near blood bank/physiotherapy area.

Patients and Visitors Guide

Every visitor to the hospital is greeted by a smiling young trainee, stationed at the May I Help You desk in the lobby, whose sole job is to make the patient comfortable. These are Medica’s Health Hosts, a unique concept in eastern India. These young girls act as personal escorts to all first time visitors to Medica, taking them through their registration, Doctor’s consultation, diagnostic tests and any other follow-up (if required). Be it the out-patient departments, the in-patient ward or health check-up, the Health Hosts are the personal relationship managers who are there to smooth out all the rough edges, catering to every little need of the patient, holding their hand en route to recovery.

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