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Robotic Hernia Surgery
Robotic Hernia Surgery

Robotic Hernia Surgery

Leading Center for Robotic Hernia Surgery in Eastern India

Robotic surgery can be deemed as the time’s most effective treatment for treating hernias. It serves as a prime example of ‘Technology meets Expertise.’ The Robotic surgical system enables our surgeons to have a higher precision and that translates into a higher success rate. It adds safety and also enables almost pain free, bloodless faster recovery that shortens one’s hospital stays. Robotic hernia surgery can also ensure the same in complicated cases where the patient might be having multiple hernias, big-sized hernia, weak abdominal muscles, past surgeries and so on.

Large Hernia

Large Hernia

Recurring hernia

Recurrent Hernia

Complex Hernia

Complex Hernia

Another notable benefit that this technology provides is that it also allows the GI surgeons to reconstruct the abdominal walls, unlike that with laparoscopic surgeries, where such meticulous repairs are not feasible.

It’s crucial to get medical attention for a hernia as soon as possible as hernias can also be quite painful and it can lead to other types of complications.

Hernia Repair Surgery is done to inhibit further bulging or growth. And, although this procedure holds a high success rate of 90-95%, there are cases where the patient’s existing morbidities and other factors like old age, can render the traditional method of surgery more acceptable.

The majority of hernias are curable and treatable. Hernias do, however, have a tendency to frequently recur. Therefore, GI Surgeons employ the usage of a surgical ‘mesh’ as it can reduce the chances of recurrence.

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Dr Pankaj Kumar Sonar

Dr Pankaj Kumar Sonar

Senior Consultant

Dr Pankaj Kumar Sonar is a general surgeon with more than 14 years of expertise performing GI surgery. He has successfully performed complex surgeries and is one of the most renowned hernia surgeons in the city.

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Robotic Hernia Surgery

Robotic Hernia Surgery

  • Minimal Pain. Minimal Blood loss. Minimal Scarring
  • Latest Robotic Surgical System
  • Enables Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
  • 3-dimensional images of abdomen
Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

  • There are chances of recurrence
  • It doesn’t enable meticulous Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
  • It is not as efficient and precise as the Robotic Surgical System.
  • 2-dimensional images of abdomen

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Dr Sumanta Dey
Dr Pankaj kr Sonar

Common Questions

One of the most significant distinctions between robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery is that the latter uses a robot to produce superior three-dimensional images of the abdomen (vs. the two-dimensional images of laparoscopic surgery).

After hernia surgery, hernia recurrence rates can vary greatly. Reports of 90 - 99% success rates are common. In many circumstances, mesh procedures give a lower risk of hernia recurrence than non-mesh surgeries. Unfortunately, some fixes can increase the likelihood of chronic pain by as much as 5–15%.

A surgeon with a high amount of operations would typically get better outcomes, mesh or not.

Patients with complicated hernias, hernias that have already been repaired, or patients who have endured abdominal trauma. Many people have significant hernias, which cause abdominal deformities and will require abdominal wall reconstruction.

Robotic Hernia Surgery
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