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Face Contouring Treatment in Kolkata

Facial Contouring

Configuring Contours with Competence and Expertise

Facial contouring is one of the most popular non-surgical and non-invasive facial reconfiguration treatments in the cosmetic surgery industry right now. It’s a highly efficient way to improve facial characteristics while also lowering the appearance of aging indicators. Your skin loses elasticity as you get older, causing it to droop and wrinkle. This is most noticeable in the face, which is why an increasing number of people are pursuing proactive and reactive therapies to assist them improve their appearances. Fillers, botulinum toxin, liposuction, fat injection, and implants are used to contour the face according to the patient’s needs and expectations. They could be procedures performed in a doctor’s office or in a daycare center. Others are permanent, whereas fillers and botulinum toxin injections are transitory (lasting six to nine months).

With the best infrastructure and personnel, Medica’s team of skilled cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons makes our patients’ dreams into reality. Our surgeons are skilled and experienced in using the most up-to-date techniques to give our patients the finest possible results.

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Facial Contouring Techniques of Various Types

There are a variety of facial contouring techniques and treatments available that target certain areas of the face in order to make people appear their best. The sort of facial surgery you pick is mostly determined by the areas of your face that require improvement and your particular objectives.

  • Facial Implants: Facial implants provide a wide range of contouring, elevating, and redefining choices for the lips, jaw line, eyebrows, cheeks, nose, and chin, among other parts of the face. The goal of this form of face augmentation is to tighten, tone, and in some cases remove drooping skin, as well as to diminish the indications of aging by creating a smoother, more voluminous outcome.
  • Lip Contouring: This procedure is ideal for people who want to shape or plump up the appearance of their lips with minimally invasive procedures. Dermal filler injections containing hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced by the body anyway, are used by qualified facial plastic surgeons to give volume to thin, shapeless, and pale lips.
  • Chin Augmentation: Chin augmentation or implants are particularly popular among male patients since they’re a great method to give your jawline more definition, making it look stronger and more masculine. Adding fullness to the chin can help women achieve a softer, more feminine appearance.
  • Cheek Augmentation: The nature of the technique for cheek augmentation has gone through a lot of transformations over the years. Because the face muscles are continually changing and strengthening over time, many cosmetic surgeons are hesitant to utilize cheek implants these days. Modern techniques merely include contouring or rebuilding the existing cheek structure, as well as injecting or eliminating fat cells extracted from the body.

  • Facial Liposuction: Excess fat cells are removed from sections of your face that could use more definition with facial liposuction, a minimally invasive kind of facial surgery.
  • Neck and Brow Lifts: The neck and brows are a key cause of conflict for many patients, particularly women, as they get older. Due to years of producing facial expressions, these are the portions of the body that often display the most apparent indications of aging, such as significant wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and deep brow lines.

Facial contouring is one of the most popular non-surgical and non-invasive facial reconfiguration treatments

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Who is Eligible?

Healthy people who want to improve the outline or contour of certain portions of their face can benefit from facial contouring. The procedure’s most prevalent goal among female patients is to make the face’s features softer and more feminine. Male patients, on the other hand, often desire a more chiseled and manly appearance. As a result, the surgery is frequently included in gender reassignment treatments. It is also good for those who have drooping facial skin, which occurs primarily as a result of aging and causes the face to lose its original contour.

Individuals who have the following characteristics can benefit from the procedure:

  • Protruding mouth
  • Protruding chin
  • Square jaw
  • Receding chin
  • Protruding cheeks
  • Asymmetrical mouth

How is it Done?

While the patient is under general anesthetic, a facial reshaping procedure is conducted. The patient has CT imaging scans to gather images of the face’s bones and soft tissues before the treatment. This serves as a guide for the surgeon when he or she performs the procedure.

A facial contouring procedure takes time because it normally necessitates multiple revisions to attain a proportionate appearance. The nose, cheekbones, forehead, cheeks, and lips are the most common areas where the operation is performed. As a result, there is no standard facial shaping technique or procedure.

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The Risks

Incisions are used in the majority of facial contouring procedures, putting the patient at risk for scarring (including keloid scarring and scar tissue development), bleeding, and infection. Infection is more likely in patients who have had fat removed or who have had implant surgery. Scar tissue, on the other hand, is a potentially significant side effect of facial implants. An aberrant immune system reaction causes the scar to form, which leads it to expand and constrict around the implant. If this happens, the shape of the implants will change, which would have a detrimental impact on the contouring procedure’s results.

Swelling, bruising, and numbness are very common side effects, and they might take a long time to go away.

Common Questions

Fillers cause very little discomfort. Before injecting fillers, our specialist will apply a topical anesthetic cream to the skin and will utilize the tiniest needles available in medicine.

While pain tolerance varies from person to person, most people tolerate Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy well and experience little to no discomfort. It all depends on your level of tolerance.

The sensation is frequently described by patients as a warm massage. The chance of serious adverse effects is extremely low, and the ones that do occur are minor.

No one will be able to notice unless there is edema (after fillers) for the first 24-72 hours. People may notice and appreciate your beautiful skin, but they won’t be able to tell the difference.

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