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Worried about Piles? Know Everything Here

Piles are enlarged and bulging blood vessels. Also termed hemorrhoids, they develop in and around the anus. Piles infect the lower rectal area. They can develop both inside...

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Do’s and Don’ts after Incisional Hernia Treatment

Do you know that almost 2 percent of the world population suffers from a hernia? When a tissue bulges from its actual location in the body, it results in a hernia.

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Foods that Decrease the Risk of Gallstones

The human body has many organs. Each organ has specific functions and roles. These functions help in the orderly running of the body. The gallbladder is one...

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Liver Cancer 101: What are the Five Gospel Truths about the Disease

Almost all of us are aware of a certain organ that resides in our body. The organ that is the reason behind most of our body’s natural performance. It is our...

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The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders, affecting over 20 million adults, with an estimated 80% of cases remaining untreated. "Apnea" is a Greek term that means "without air.

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Antibody Cocktail Therapy for Covid Treatment? Here’s What You Need to Know

COVID-19 has been living amongst us for sometime now. Our natural response of fear towards this calamity seems to be fading with each passing day. This indifference towards the disease...

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Myths Vs. Facts: Anal Fissures

For many people, the pain, potential embarrassment, and experience of seeing blood coming from the buttocks can be emotionally traumatic, causing them...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Piles Surgery

Every year, nearly 10 million people in India suffer from the agony of piles, a disease that is rapidly spreading as a result of stress, insomnia, constipation, and a growing...

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All you need to know about Pilonidal Sinus

Herbert Mayo first described pilonidal sinus disease in 1833, with 'pilus' denoting hair and 'nidus' denoting nest and the disease is known to affect 26 individuals per...

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Hormonal Imbalance in Women : Impact on health

If you are experiencing unexplained fatigue or weight gain, mood swings, sleeplessness or skin problems, don’t ignore those signs. You might have hormonal...

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