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Rita Bhimani

It was a great decision made by Dr Kunal Sarkar to admit me at Medica, which I was dithering about.The doctors, particularly Dr Souvik Paul and Dr Anuradha Chatterjee, went to great lengths to explain my condition, as one has so many questions. Dr Bose, Dr Datta and Dr Bandopadhyay, if I can remember right, did answer my queries. The physio, Anuradha Upadhyay has been a real gem. Nurses Aritrika, Mou, Lakshmi, took good care of me.
All in all, many thanks.

Deepak Kumar

Thanks to Dr. Tanmoy Banerjee of Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Kolkata and his team, as well as Dr. Rohit Rungta & Dr. N. Roy Choudhary’s tireless efforts, my life was saved. My muscular system started to become non-functional due to wrong treatment at the hospital that was primarily admitted to. I was also put on the ventilator. I chose Medica for my treatment and came to Kolkata. The team of doctors and their copartners together made me well again.

Anupam Dutta

I am very thankful to the MSHK team for their excellent services. I really appreciate all the Doctors, Nurses, GREs, Physiotherapists, Hospital Staff, Housekeeping, F&B staff for their wholehearted effort on doing the best they could do to revive me.Thank you for all the care and patience you have shown during my stay. Your professionalism is of the highest level.

Kamalika Sengupta

Thanks to Medica and the entire team who helped my father to fight.Dr Rohit Rungta,Soma,Panchali and each & every staff of dialysis unit 2 and each staff of CCU.

Priyanka Biswas

I was diagnosed with a case of Fissure in Anus with Sentinel piles and underwent a LASER surgery for anal fissure and excision of sentinel piles performed by Dr. Gouranga Charan Nayak and Dr. Snigdhendu Chand. The Operation was successful and without any complications . By following Dr.’s post-operative suggestions, the wound healing process was fast and uneventful. I recommend anyone with similar medical problems to undergo this LASER surgery by them.

Shanti Prasad Agarwala

Thank you Medica Team. For the first time my father was not in a hurry to get out of the hospital. Earlier occasions at different hospitals he would insist that I take him out immediately. It made a big difference. Thank you once again.

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