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Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Children’s Day 2018

Just like every year, Children’s Day 2018 was a much-awaited event by all. The event this year was different as Medica organized a day-long fun get together for underprivileged children who came in 2 bus loads from Beniapukur and Peyara Bagan to celebrate this special day. With the help of Kolkata Police and Rotary Club of Calcutta Avyanna, the children came to Medica and had a day filled with fun, food and laughter. The much talented children participated in a sit n draw competition and were not at all stage shy when they danced and recited their favourite poems during the Talent Contest. With gifts galore, prizes for best performers, and a magic show, the children had a wonderful time. They left Medica with a smile on their lips and a heart full of happiness!

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