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Organ Transplant

Sl.No Recipient Age/Blood Group/Sex Organ Date of Committee Meeting Type of the Committee(Hospital based or State level) Status
1 44Y/O+/M Liver 02.02.2021 HOSPITAL BASED APPROVED
2 35Y/AB+/F Liver 10.03.2022 HOSPITAL BASED APPROVED
3 46Y/O+/F Liver 18.04.2022 STATE LEVEL APPROVED
4 54Y/A+/M Liver 12.05.2022 STATE LEVEL APPROVED

Transplants Done

Sl.No Recipient Age/Blood Group/Sex DONOR Age/Blood Group/Sex Date of transplant Organ(Liver/Kidney/ Heart) Living Donor or Deceased Donor
1 39Y/B+/M 44Y/O+/M 13.01.2020 LIVER Deceased Donor
2 61Y/B+/F 59Y/O+/M 04.03.2020 LIVER Deceased Donor
3 26Y/B+/M 68Y/B+/M 21.03.2020 LIVER Deceased Donor
4 45Y/AB+/M 45Y/AB+/M 29.11.2020 LIVER Deceased Donor
5 44Y/O+/M 36Y/O+/F 04.02.2021 LIVER Living Donor
6 48Y/AB+/F 30Y/AB+/M 26.10.2021 LIVER Deceased Donor
7 34Y/AB+/F 61Y/O+/F 19.03.2022 LIVER Living Donor
8 46Y/O+/F 23Y/O+/M 02.05.2022 LIVER Living Donor
9 54Y/A+/M 47Y/O+/F 06.06.2022 LIVER Living Donor
10 50Y/B+/M 17Y/B+/M 18.03.2020 HEART Deceased Donor
11 46Y/B+/M 52Y/B+/M 20.09.2021 LUNG Deceased Donor
12 33Y/A+/M 58Y/A+/F 10.07.2022 HEART Deceased Donor
13 59Y/B+/M 55Y/O+/M 09.12.2022 HEART Deceased Donor
14 44Y/B+/M 51Y/B+/M 30.12.2022 HEART Deceased Donor
15 32Y/B+/M 50Y/B+/F 21.01.2023 HEART Deceased Donor
16 47Y/B+/M 23Y/B+/M 07.03.2023 HEART Deceased Donor
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