All online payments made to Medica should be done using a patient portal or patient mobile apps only. Medica has no other online payment methods and will never ask to share OTPs over the phone. Be aware, be safe from online fraud activities. For any queries, call: 033 6652 0000
Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Medica, Eastern India’s Fastest Growing Hospital Chain, Now in Patna

Medica Magadh opens its doors to the people of Patna and for those from the neighbouring regions. The sophisticated 100-bed hospital specializes in providing world class Cardiac Care at affordable rates. The Centre also provides advanced services in the field of General Medicine, Gynaecology, Nephrology and Diagnostic Services. Equipped with state-of-the- art Operation Theatre and 24X7 Advanced ICU facilities, Medica Magadh promises to deliver the best in healthcare.

Medica Brings World-class Healthcare to Burdwan

Medica launches Bengal Faith Hospital, a multispeciality hospital, in Burdwan. Having already impacted the lives of thousands successfully in Eastern India and even beyond, within a span of just 7 years, the name Medica is considered synonymous with the latest and the best in healthcare. Medica now, reaches out to the people of Burdwan, with the same zeal.

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