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Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Kolkata Medica Hospitals

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

Medica’s Laser Proctology Program (Laser Treatment)

Laser Proctology refers to the treatment of conditions related to the colon, anus and rectum that is done with the help of a laser. Our doctors perform laser anal fissure surgery with no or minimal risks and complications.

How does it work?

Laser therapy is used to remove hair that would otherwise become ingrown and cause more pilonidal cysts to form. As a result, the procedure leaves:

  • No Scars or Cuts or Stitches
  • No Blood 
  • No Pain

Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Kolkata has some of the most skilled laser proctologists in all of Eastern India. Our comprehensive Laser Proctology Program specifically enables our patients to:

  • Be discharged the same day as the procedure
  • Allows them to recover faster
  • Reduces their risk of prolapse or other surgical infections
  • Requires less follow-ups 

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What is a Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst?(পাইলনডাইল সাইনাস / पिलोनाइडल साइनस)

It is a condition where a small hole or gap forms right on the skin that is located just at the top of the buttock where the tailbone is located. It may get filled with fluid or pus, leading to the formation of a cyst.

People who sit for long periods of time are at a higher risk of developing a pilonidal sinus or cyst. It is more prevalent in men than in women.

It occurs when the hair at the top of the cleft (of the buttocks) is pushed inside the body, allowing dirt to enter. At this point, the condition becomes extremely painful due to the formation of an ‘abscess’. An abscess is a collection of pus due to bacterial infection. 

An infected pilonidal sinus should always be effectively treated. If not treated at the right time, in rare cases, it leads to developing symptoms of skin cancer.

Pilonidal sinus surgery just takes 30-40 minutes

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Causes of Pilonidal Sinus

Understanding what causes a pilonidal cyst to form exponentially reduces your chances of ever being diagnosed with one. Some of the most common causes of pilonidal sinus are:

  • Wearing very tight clothes/pants
  • Prolonged hours of sitting
  • Hair puncture or ingrown hair

(Many of them, according to most doctors, are caused by ingrown hairs. Pilonidal means “hair nest,” and doctors occasionally find hair follicles inside the cyst.)

  • Getting too sweaty
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal changes

Symptoms of Pilonidal Sinus

The symptoms of pilonidal sinus disease are as follows: 

  • Pain that often worsens when you’re sitting.
  • Between your buttocks, you may have a small dimple or a large swollen area. This is typically a pilonidal cyst. You may notice that the area is red and tender.
  • An abscess with pus or blood draining from it. This fluid may have an unpleasant odour.
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Extreme exhaustion (fatigue)
  • Protruding hair from the lesion
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Generally, a physical examination is what is done by a proctologist to first diagnose the pilonidal sinus. During the examination, the doctor may also ask you certain questions involving when you first noticed it, when it started to get infected, whether or not you are taking any medications or it, etc.

Once you clear these questions, our doctors will further assess your sinus’s condition through other tests.

Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, surgery to remove your pilonidal cyst may or may not be required. 

Aside from surgery, there are several other treatment options available, including:

Draining the cyst: This procedure can be performed in the comfort of your provider’s office. To open and drain fluid from your infected cyst, a small incision (cut) will be made.

Antibiotics: Medicines can be used to treat skin inflammation. Antibiotics, on the other hand, cannot heal pilonidal cysts on their own.

Injections (phenol, an acidic chemical compound) can be used to treat and prevent mild to moderate pilonidal cysts.

Medica Superspecialty Hospital in Kolkata ensures that the patient’s experience is seamless from the start. From scheduling an appointment at the clinic to receiving a detailed diagnosis, scheduling tests at a diagnostic centre, completing insurance paperwork, commuting from home to the hospital and back on the day of surgery, admission-discharge processes at the hospital, and follow-up consultation after the surgery – everything is simple and caring. We are committed to being there for you at every stage of your recovery.


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Recovery time is determined by the patient’s condition and typically ranges between 12 and 25 days.

Yes, it is entirely preventable. It can be avoided by keeping the area clean, losing weight if necessary, and not sitting for long periods of time without a break.

However, once it has developed, it can be treated with surgeries, particularly laser-based surgeries. Our experts can help you with your medical condition.

A physical examination of the affected area can be used to diagnose a pilonidal sinus. If there are complications or the doctor discovers that there are other causes, additional tests can be performed.

Pilonidal cysts can drain and dissolve on their own. Your symptoms may come and go if you have chronic pilonidal cysts. It is advised to such individuals to get their condition rectified before it leads to something of more severe consequence such as skin cancers.

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